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Maternity Massage


A massage tailored to you and your changing body, whether to ease tension, relieve joint pain, reduce swelling, promote sleep or simply give you some well deserved time out to relax and feel nurtured on our fully adjustable, cosy couch. We recommend that you book your maternity massage any time after the first 12 weeks, up to and after childbirth.

Our Maternity Massage Therapists


Christy Lewis-Phillips

Christy LP.jpg

Marian Stackwood

Marian S.jpg

Polly Johnson

Polly J.jpg

Beth Phillips

Beth P.jpg

Ashlee Symington

Ashlee S_edited.jpg

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We are proud to have been awarded the 2020 Travelers' Choice Award!

And are ranked within the top 10% on Tripadvisor.


It seems to have worked out that I've come monthly, sometimes to recharge and sometimes to get some help with various aches and pains.  Both have been very helpful in keeping me fit and healthy. The Massage Hut is lovely a lovely warm, cosy and peaceful space and you and the other therapists so warm and caring.  I think the time you spend at the beginning finding out how a client is feeling and what they need you to focus on during the treatment is a very thoughtful idea.



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