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Christy Lewis-Phillips

Owner and Massage Therapist

I love being a massage therapist because of the positive impact it has on my client's physical and mental wellbeing. It's a wonderful feeling to see someone happier, more relaxed and more comfortable in their own body because of you. When I'm not massaging, I'm busy running the business - there's always lots to do! - enjoying time with friends and family and being creative, in whatever form that takes. My top self-care tip is to get outside, breath fresh air, move and notice the small things. And of course, enjoy a relaxing, restorative massage!


"My treatment with Christy is probably the most nurturing, thoughtful and professional treatment I have ever had."

"I had a 45 minute massage for my back, neck and shoulders with Christy and it was amazing. She works extremely intuitively, holistically and actually listens to specific concerns. A very thorough consultation and time also at the end to discuss anything she personally noticed. I couldn’t recommend Christy enough"

"As always wonderful massage. Wonderful holistic approach. Feel well and truly blessed to have Christy as my massage therapist."

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