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Beth Phillips

Massage Therapist

The main aspect I enjoy about being a massage therapist is the connection made between client and therapist. I love the fact that we are able to help others on many different levels; mentally, emotionally and physically. It's an honor to be able to work so closely with clients. When I'm not massaging, I work part time in local NHS hospitals as a Bank Healthcare Assistant, as well as researching and developing my next short documentary project. I have two top self care tips: swimming and meditation. Both allow me to become centered and relaxed and are practices which I swear by for well being.


"Thanks to Beth's knowledge and expertise I received a beautiful, deep tissue, and reflexology massage. Would totally recommend."

"Beth and her reflexology skills were sensational. I haven’t had reflexology for a number of years, and had forgotten which bit of my foot related to which organ/part of my body, but goodness me, with her amazing talent, I really relaxed and felt such calming sensations as each area was worked through!"

"I visited Beth at the peaceful Massage Hut and can honestly say it was the best back, shoulder, neck and head massage I've ever had. Beth was knowledgeable, professional and listened to what I wanted. I left feeling so relaxed and like a different person."

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