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The Massage Hut, Cromer

 The Massage Hut

The Massage Hut is an award winning massage therapy studio based in a tranquil area of the grounds of The Grove Cromer on the stunning North Norfolk coast.


We are a team of qualified therapists who provide holistic massage treatments to a wide range of clients 7 days a week. The treatment is tailored to your individual need, whether that is to reduce stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, manage well being or just give you time to relax and recentre yourself.


The unique, cosy hut is dedicated to each customer on a one-to-one basis and treatment times allow the therapist to consult with you about your current physical and emotional state before tailoring the massage to your need on the day. 

We've kept our service menu simple, but we use our knowledge, experience and a wide range of techniques to provide a treatment that is unique to each client.


Please get in touch to discuss your needs and book yourself a treatment.


Relaxing Massage

Total Relaxation

A two hour, full body massage, allowing the therapist to spend time working thoroughly into tired muscles, relieving tension and stress while you get to completely relax and enjoy some serious down time.

120 min - £94


It seems to have worked out that I've come monthly, sometimes to recharge and sometimes to get some help with various aches and pains.  Both have been very helpful in keeping me fit and healthy. The Massage Hut is lovely a lovely warm, cosy and peaceful space and you and the other therapists so warm and caring.  I think the time you spend at the beginning finding out how a client is feeling and what they need you to focus on during the treatment is a very thoughtful idea.




For specific enquiries please use the buttons above and for all other enquiries please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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