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Polly Johnson

Massage Therapist

For me, holistic massage therapy is as much about holding a beautiful calm space for a person to deeply relax and mentally reset, as it is about the benefits of the massage on the physical body itself.  It feels quite a privilege to do this work and witness the transformation in my clients afterwards. I enjoy family life with my sons, our two dogs and cat, wild swimming, aromatherapy and gardening. I love to sit or stand on the beach, facing the sea and match my breath to the water. It makes me take deep cleansing breaths and feels really restorative.


"Polly was simply fantastic. Highly recommend everyone to go here for a very therapeutic experience with a wonderful and talented therapist."

"Incredible massage! Polly is so intuitive and always make me feel so relaxed, I would recommend her to anyone."

"Polly was amazing. Felt so relaxed after and relieved the tight muscles in my back and arms. Next day no more pain in my hands. Highly recommended."

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