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Ashlee Symington

Massage Therapist

I love being a massage therapist because it allows me to support people to feel safe, calm & relaxed - hopefully being able to  ease some aches and pains along the way. I often feel a deep sense of inner peace within myself during and afterwards - there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped improve someone’s wellbeing be it physical or emotional. I am a mother, a professional gardener and love creating wild beautiful gardens. I have a huge cat, a tiny dog and 6 scruffy rescue chickens. I love to read, practice yoga & Quigong & spend time in nature  enjoying the beautiful Norfolk coastline. My top self care tip : at least once a day kick off your shoes and step outside onto the earth with bare feet  & take 10 deep slow breaths. No matter how stressed I am this is the one thing that brings me back to myself and calms everything down.


"Such a lovely experience. Ashlee has a natural positive vibe, calming energy and awesome experience. Will be back again soon."

"Ashlee was so fab. The massage was an hour focused on my neck/back/shoulders as after a busy term I was feeling super tight and tense. Came out feeling a foot taller and floppy which is unheard of for me."

"Ashlee was a wonderful therapist, one of the best massages I have ever had."

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