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David Wain

Massage Therapist (Sports & Holistic)

The thing I enjoy most about being a massage therapist is connecting with people and seeing the difference in clients before and after treatment. Outside of work, I spend as much time as is possible outdoors. Either walking my dogs with my family or working on a community farm. I also do some private care work, drawing upon my nearly 20 year experience as a registered nurse. It is hard to isolate just one self-care activity. It's either walking in the woods, doing breathwork meditaion, playing with my dogs or drinking oatstraw daily!


"Dave was fantastic, he has great knowledge and quickly identified and explained what the problem was. After the session, he provided instructions on stretches that I could do to avoid the issue in the future. I've been on several runs since and my knee isn't hurting anymore."

"Really good sports physio session from Dave on legs which take a lot of punishment running. Found the source of a long term niggling injury, really loosened it and recommended very practical ways to help it at home. Would thoroughly recommend for runners!"

"Dave in particular is an absolute magician. He sorted out my poor overused and abused shoulders and back, and left me feeling loose and free and wanting to leap around with joy."

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