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Elise Prosniewski

Massage Therapist

What I love the most about being a massage therapist is the relationship with our fantastic clients. It is always a pleasure to meet new people and see regular ones, take some time to check in and to see them floating as they leave the hut after a treatment. I always feel grounded and relaxed after a day of massaging. When I am not at the hut, I work with young people with special educational needs and disabilities in a beautiful forest and I teach yoga and movement in Norwich! I love spending my time with people, being creative and dancing! Yoga is definitely top of the list for self-care. It helps me to reconnect to my own body, especially lying down still on the floor! I love receiving a massage too and do anything creative that takes my mind away from busy thoughts.


"Had the most fantastic massage with Elise, who tailored it perfectly to my needs. The best massage I have ever had!"

"Just had possibly the best massage of my life with Elise, who took notes whilst I fired loads of info at her then explained in a soft, calm manner the type of massage she thought best suited me. The combination of heated massage table, pleasant smell, tranquil music and Elise using just the right pressure and rhythm was wonderful."

"Elise is outstanding. I've just had the best message I've ever had. With suffering with bereavement and back pains, Elise did a very therapeutic message enabling me to switch off and focus on my breaths during my treatment."

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