We are able to adjust all of our treatments to suit your individual need, so if

you would like us to focus on a particular issue, just book your preferred treatment time and then discuss this with your therapist in the consultation on the day. 

Full Body Massage - 90 min


Head-to-toe massage treating each area of the body to a variety of pressures and techniques, to release tension and stress and encourage relaxation and recovery.

Hands / feet / head - 45 min


Providing relief to neglected areas, the treatment of which can restore and revitalise other areas of the body and help to re-balance emotions.

One Hour Massage - 60 min


Focussing on those areas of the body that require the most attention, depending on your need. Using a range of techniques to address tension, relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

Offering rest and and relaxation to mums-to-be (over 6 weeks term), we provide side-laying massage with supports for extra comfort, if required. We use gentle carrier oils, massaging only the areas you ask us to during your consultation. To book, please get in touch so we can match you with a suitable therapist. 

Back, neck & shoulders - 45 min


Designed to focus on areas where most of us hold tension and stress. Using different pressures and techniques to relieve and loosen tired and aching muscles. 

Unsure - need advice

If you have a specific health issue or need and are not sure if (or how) we will be able to help, please get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat and offer some guidance.