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Helen Watson - "It seems to have worked out that I've come monthly, sometimes to recharge and sometimes to get some help with various aches and pains.  Both have been very helpful in keeping me fit and healthy. The Massage Hut is lovely a lovely warm, cosy and peaceful space and you and the other therapists so warm and caring.  I think the time you spend at the beginning finding out how a client is feeling and what they need you to focus on during the treatment is a very thoughtful idea."

Chris C - semi-retired midwife - "Having been massaged by you for nearly a year now I thought it was about time I said a huge thank you for the impact you’ve had on my well being....firstly you sorted my shoulder. That in itself was amazing as I’d tried numerous painkillers before coming to see you. It took a while, but now I can come to you for some ‘me’ time. I so look forward to my fortnightly session with you that I can’t imagine life now without it. You and your healing hands are amazing...thank you so much."

Lucy S - editor - age 67 - "I started having a monthly back, neck and shoulder massage to see if it would help with a low-back problem that I’d had for more than a year and which was beginning to have a negative effect on my lifestyle. During that time, treatment from a chiropractor had only provided very temporary relief (and had not been enjoyable!). After the first couple of massages I had considerably less pain in my back and over the six months I’ve been having them it has decreased to almost nothing, just a dull ache on the odd day that I can alleviate with stretching exercises. Plus, The Massage Hut is a very nice place to be! Lovely peaceful, soothing atmosphere; the therapist is efficient and professional and provides a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable treatment."

Hannah C - dance teacher - "Before I visited The Massage Hut, I had only ever had one massage myself. Despite years of dancing and coaching and often feeling the strain in my shoulders I had always 'just managed' and never done anything about it. The therapist recognised the tension in my shoulders and since then I have been back for regular appointments and have really felt the benefits of my treatment, the aches and pains have significantly reduced and after treatment I can feel an improvement in the mobility of my shoulders. I am so pleased that I have found The Massage Hut and am looking forward to another year of great service and treatments".  

Molly - " I love going to The Massage Hut because it's tucked away in the gorgeous grounds of he Grove. It's private and sits on it's own which makes it feel like a real luxurious treat.

There are a few great therapists to choose from, however I like to book in with Christy as she's given me massages before and knows what pressure I like and is familiar with my life style. She takes the time to chat about what I've been up to and discusses with me which areas I'd like her to work on and for how long.

This means my massage is really effective. I find my massages at The Massage Hut so relaxing that sometimes I drift in and out of sleep! It's warm, cosy, clean and always such a treat. I love having a bit of me time and a brief break from my busy Mum life!".

Malcolm T -

" For many years I’ve had pain in my neck and shoulder

Getting much more severe since I have grown older

The Doctor said I‘m sorry there’s not much that we can do

Try taking painkillers like you would do for flu!


I have to say I’m not very keen on putting up with pain

So getting something sorted was very much my aim

I tried a well-known osteopath and a chiropractor

But I can away feeling like I’d been run over by a tractor.


Then one day when I was surfing on the internet

I came across a website that caused my appetite to wet

For in the grounds of a hotel called The Grove

There seemed to be the answer to my problem, that I strove


From thereon in my pain has got much better than it was

No more aching neck & shoulder and that is just because

Of my regular appointments, that have now become a must

It’s all just down to my treatments, at the Massage Hut


They’re really very kind there and listen to what you say

Create each session especially, to suit how you feel that day

So I can recommend most highly, with no ifs or buts

The treatment that you will get at the Massage Hut."

Di F - " On discovering this tranquil hut in a peaceful garden, it lives up to expectations. I read the reviews and client feedback was excellent. I arrive full of tension stress and leave feeling like I’m walking on air. A thorough assessment of my needs is always taken and the massage tailor-made to need. Lasting health benefits are felt for days after visiting. I would love for everyone to experience this magical place and the healing power of massage. Try it and you won’t ever look back".