Jason Smith


What do you love about massage?

In addition to the therapeutic touch that massage brings, I really like that having a massage takes me 'out of my head' and into my body. It brings me into the present moment of 'now'; allowing me to focus on the area of my body that's being massaged and really connect with that part of my body.

What do you do when you're not massaging? 

Lots! As well as massage I support long-term unemployed individuals to explore their skills and interests and obtain meaningful employment.

Outside of work I enjoy long bike rides out to the coast - which include a coffee and cake stop.

Growing lots of vegetables on my 350sq meter allotment also takes up quitea lot of my time, especially as I seem to have a knack of also growing lots of weeds :)

Best de-stress activity?
I began yoga at the beginning of this year which, like massage, takes me into my body as opposed to thinking about life 'stuff'. Whilst being very relaxing I've discovered that it also hurts!

Being out on my bike however, with just the wind and the sun on my face is my favourite stress buster. 

Five favourite things?

Jason is still deciding as he has so many... watch this space! 

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